How to Wash and Dry Your Sinchies Pouches

Are you unsure as to how to wash and dry your Sinchies pouches? We put together some of our favourite methods to help.

Wash Your Sinchies Pouches

washing sinchies

  • Use a bottle brush with a twisting motion to get all the bits out the bottom and a teat brush for the spout
  • For pouches that have been sitting in a lunchbox all day, rinse, add a small drop of dishwashing liquid, rub the sides together, then pop in the dishwasher
  • Add some warm water and dishwashing liquid. Close and shake, rinse and dry
  • Use a kebab stick or toothpick for stubborn bits in the ziplock.

Did you Know: Sinchies are all made from transparent material so that you can easily see through them for cleaning purposes – we’d hate to contaminate a little person’s food!

 Dry Your Sinchies Pouches

  • Dry over some spoons in a mug
  • Hang them on the wash-line with pegs
  • Put a scrunched up paper towel inside and leave upside down to dry
  • Who has time for drying? We like to fill them up again right away!

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